Hay Moisture Monitors



1. Mount the sensor on the pressure side of the plunger to assure the hay is compressed.
2. The sensor signal is read 5,000 times per second and the monitor averages 20,000 signals and updates the display every 4 seconds. This allows you to know the moisture in your hay
across uneven terrain and varying drying conditions.

Display Readings

The display reads moisture between 5 and 37 percent. The display has two brightness levels for night and day use. The position switch will display instant or average readings. The connection between the sensor and monitor is a standard RG-11 coax cable.


LIGHTNING B Moisture Monitors are warranted against defects in materials and workmanship for 3 years. Most 20 year old units are still in service today.

Shipping details for both units

  • Box Weight: 4.0 lbs
  • Box Dimension: L: 13”, W: 7”, H: 4.5”


The LIGHTNING B Auto Start / Stop unit is compatible with most applicators for both dry or liquid preservatives operating on 12 volts DC, 20 amps such as Dohrmann, Gandy, Valmar, etc.

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    Benefits of Lightning B Models

    • Monitor moisture from 5% to 37%
    • 5000 readings per second
    • Large sensor foot print, 16 square inches
    • Automatic model to power up inoculant applicator
    • Choice of instant/average moisture readings
    • Peace of mind, knowing your hay moistures
    • Bale higher quality and quantity, consistently

    Installation is Easy! Monitor Installs on Dash

    All mounting hardware, templates, and wiring are including.

    The connection between the sensor and monitor is a standard RG-6 coax cable. The fused connection to your tractor battery is provided in the installation kit.

    Sensor Installs in Bale Chamber

    • Position template in chamber
    • Drill 3 holes
    • Do not over tighten the nuts

    Auto Start/Stop Model - since 2010

    Connect the auto model to your inoculant applicator, select set point, then save it. Now applicator automatically starts and stops based on the moisture content of your hay and set point.

    It’s All Automated - (in average mode)

    The LIGHTNING B Auto Start/Stop switches on your applicator after 5 seconds of continous readings at your set point. It switches off when the reading is continously below your set point for 30 seconds. 5000 readings per second, 20,000 reading averaged.

    Compatible with leading applicators

    The LIGHTNING B Auto Start/Stop unit is compatible with most applicators for both dry or liquid preservatives operating on 12 volts DC, 20 amps(max) such as Dohrmann, Gandy, Valmar, etc.


    Made and Assembled in USA. With humility and pleasure, we offer you our best.